Friday, February 16, 2007

Registration, Countdown begins..

163 until the actual marathon date. That breaks down to 23 weeks of training x's 4 days per week. Which is 92 days of walking/running to prep for the half marathon.

Wow, getting registered with the American Stroke Association has been a bit confusing. But I am finally on the right path. I signed up for the virtual team. Which means, I can train remotely but still stay on schedule with everyone else.

I need to mail in $100 (which goes towards my fundraising total) and send in the remaining paperwork.

I am not sure how I will coordinate the drive back home but I work the next day. And the marathon should be over around 2pm if I make good time.

Let's see how the next few months goes. There is a mid-way point in the training called the 'recommiment' and that will be the benchmark for me to iron out any loose ends. ciao!